Paper Friends

Not a definite list of all papertoy designers out there, but a selection of friends, designers I've collaborated with and designers I admire for their brilliant work.

  3EyedBear   Paper Foldables
  Desktop Gremlins
  Cubeecraft   Dolly Oblong
  Horrorwood   Loulou and Tummie
  Marko Zubak
  Custom Papertoys   Matthijs 'MCK' Kamstra
  Nicebunny   Nick Knite
  Oh Sheet
  Paper Tom
  Sal Azad   Tougui
  Shin Tanaka

Other Friends and Collaborations

Here's a few of my seriously talented friends, people I had the pleasure of working with, and some people I did collaborations with.

  Jeremy Dower
  Jeremy Geddes
  Ty Carey
  Kevin Dart   Planet Pulp

Paper Blogs

A selection of blogs that are dedicated to papertoys, papercraft or regularly feature papertoy related news.

  Paper Forest   Papercraft Paradise
  Papertoys Art   Papertoys Info
  ToysREvil   Clutter Magazine

Customs I have done

A selection of customizations I have done of the blank models created other papertoy designers. These models have been on display at several gallery shows and are available for download at the artist websites.

  Ye-Bot   Rodrigo del Papel
  Cubeecraft   Mechabunny
  Nukk   Sizza

Old Models and Foldskool Heroes customs by other designers

They always say, just show a selection of your work on your site that best represents you. Unfortunately some of my old models didn't make it. But there's always some die-hard fans looking for every single model I created. The first downloadable archive contains most of my old models and a few surprises. The second downloable archive contains the full collection of Foldskool Heroes customs created by other designers.

  Old Models   Foldskool Heroes customs

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